'KATS', the Newborn Paediatric & Obstetric Emergency Transport Service is a regional service of Kangaroo Care Women and Children Hospital, Vijayanagar. It is the only service of its kind in West Bangalore, providing expert clinical advice, clinical co-ordination, emergency treatment and stabilization, and inter-hospital transport for very sick babies, children and obstetric patients. KATS operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In order to further these aims, the department also provides advice to medical practitioners, nurses, and paramedical personnel regarding aspects of stabilization and transport of sick newborn infants.

It has been shown that the treatment of sick newborn infants in an intensive care unit increases their chances of survival as well as the quality of survival. However, the special facilities, constant intensive medical and nursing supervision provided by an intensive care unit are only offered in Kangaroo Care Level 3B NICU for entire West Bangalore and surrounding areas.

Where is KATS?

KATS centre is located at Kangaroo Care Women and Children Hospital in Vijayanagar, Bangalore. The service is available to any one of the nearby hospitals which call for help from time to time across West Bangalore and surrounding areas.

KATS is a hospital on Wheels!
Which infants should be transported?
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