Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


Kangaroo Care aims to become one of the best quality healthcare providers of Bangalore, which provides quality maternal and child care. While most deliveries are normal and uncomplicated, some may inevitably need special care. We provide one of the best Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) services in Bangalore. It is a 13-bedded unit (inborn and outborn with isolation facilities) which is the first of its kind in west Bangalore with level 3B services including high-frequency ventilation, bedside echo, and minor cardiac procedures.

Our team of overseas experienced neonatologists and paediatricians along with experienced nurses are one of the best in Bangalore. They are trained in resuscitation, stabilization, and management of preterm and term babies who may show signs of prematurity, jaundice, congenital anomalies, etc.

Our NICU is fully equipped and staffed to provide 24x7 care to critically ill neonates. Our neonatal nurses have been trained extensively to provide one-on-one patient care. We also encourage the active involvement of parents in the management of their new-borns, in case their stay in the NICU is prolonged.